I’m so tired from a very long day that I wont write much about the showcase store just yet but I wanted to share some photos of the day and a few thoughts. I think this year the runner only showcase store between 7am and 9:30am was really a great compromise that Lululemon made for runners. I did hear rumours about people getting in without the runner pass and getting back door entry but I didn’t see that and I think Lululemon went through a lot of effort to keep it runner exclusive but being staffed by volunteers I think it was impossible to control completely. There were people offering money to cut in line, people just blatantly cutting in line and people probably very willing to accept bribes.  

One thing about the Seawheeze marchandise this year is that none of it had any ‘Seawheeze’ on it like every other year. I always look for the ‘seawheeze’ special Cool Racerback but none of them had any writing on it. Another thing was that all the bottoms are striped, all the shorts have a busy print and all the Cool Racerbacks did as well so none of the tops really coordinate with the bottoms unless you are into mixing prints. I would have loved some more solid Cool Racerback options with seawheeze specific writing on it to match with the bottoms.  My initial impression was that I loved last years items so much more but I really limited myself last year and only got two items and really regretted not getting a few more of the items I loved so this year I allowed myself to get more and then decide later. I thought I’d have an item or two in here that I’d end up putting up for sale if they didn’t work out but once I got home and tried them on I actually really love each and every one of them. The colors are so fun and vibrant. My favourite piece are the Tuck & Flow LS’s and the orange and pink Passion Bottoms. I actually grabbed myself the wrong size in the passion bottoms but a friend of mine is at the store now and found me my size and she will take the size downs so really glad they had such a good stock of inventory. 

The most popular items of the day where the Bug Speed Shorts and Trackers, Green Cool Racerback, Bug Backpack and Pink Duffel Bag. People were constantly coming around asking if we had any of those items to give up. 

Was not happy that the jacket of the year was the Miss Misty. The hilarious girl behind me in line kept saying ‘I don’t like that Misty Mist Jacket! There better be Downtime Jackets!’

The Cool Racerbacks this year are luon. The stripes are all regular luon and the printed ones are shiny polyester luon. 

Hot seller!

These are my favourite! I didn’t notice till I got home that I grabbed an 8 instead of a 10. 

The bug backpack that everybody kept asking me for. I gave it up. 

The two duffels. The pink one was really cute with rose gold hardware but they where pretty small for $128. 

Sorting piles. 

Not much theme specific decorating this year and a smaller room than previous years. 

The none runner lineup outside wrapped around the building but I think once they started letting people in at 10am they just let people trickle in and out. By 11am there was no lineup. Lots of merchandise got replenished I think for none runners. 

  1. Or pink duffles or bug backpacks.

    I got stripe CRB, stripe inspires, a visor and a big stuff your bra. Happy with what I got but a little disappointed I spent so much time in line when I could have come down at 11:45 and essentially walked right in and gotten the same thing. But after investing an hour in line and not knowing how much longer the wait is its really hard to leave.

    I chatted with a woman in the afternoon who was in line at 5am, got into the store around 8 and said the 'hot sellers' were already sold out.

    1. Looks like the start of my comment didn't take – got in line at 7:45, in the store at 11am. Lulu staff kept telling us we would get in before the public. Don't think that happened. Huge disappointment . Also told us all stock would be replenished throughout the morning. All hot sellers were sold out – long sleeves and jackets.

  2. I got on the runner's line at 5:30 and by the time I got in, around 8, there were no backpacks at all, no pink duffels,, no skirts, no bug shorts, no green CRB, no tuck and flow long sleeves. But plenty of bug jackets, other CRBs, inspires and grey duffels.

    Does anyone know if they replenished those early morning sold out items later on?

    1. The bug shorts and pace rival skirts were still available in size 6 at the very least when I got in close to 11. I had been waiting since about 7:30. Had my heart set on the tuck and flows but no dice, (no dice last year either) and missed out on the green CRB. Debated on the duffle but couldn't justify $128. I left with the stuff your tank and the what the sports. DEFINITELY had people in front of me pulled out of line (twice) by volunteers. Really unfortunate. Non-runners were also let in way before me, too, as they had merged the lines at 9:30. Didn't really feel like runners had an advantage at all.

  3. Wow! I did not realize that RUNNERS who lined up @ 5:30 could not even get "bug shorts" or a green crb! Ugh! How frustrating!!!

    I've been following ebay & have yet to see a pair of bug trackers in my size. And forget about the green crb.
    There a quite a few bug speeds in my TTS & my size-up. The prices are crazy though! And the horrible exchange rate makes them even more mind-boggling than usual! I guess it's still a bit cheaper than a ticket to Vancouver ; )

    Are the bug shorts 4 way stretch?


    1. And yes, the bug shorts are 4 way stretch. Don't quote me on this, but I think all of the shorts were 4 way stretch. Hth.

  4. I got in line at 6:30 am and entered the store at 9:30 am. We didnt have issues with people cutting and would flipped out if that happened. There were plenty of the beetle tracker shorts in all sizes except 10 and 12 and some speeds in that print here and there. I didn't look for ls shirts, but I did see lots of beetle jackets.
    I picked up two pairs of the striped booty lifting inspires, one pink and orange inspire crop, one pink and orange crb, and a beetle tank top. I was happy with my purchases, though the prints and colors weren't as nice as last year's. I didn't see any purples and few pinks, minus the neon hue above
    I went back to the store at 430 pm and there were many items available, especially in sizes 2 and 4. There were a ton of the light gray duffle bags. I don't think those sold well. I went back to the store at the same time last year and there were very few items left. I thought that was interesting. In all, the selections and colors weren't as nice compared to last year, but I still managed to find some pieces that made the early wake up and hours of waiting worth it.

    1. You wouldn't happen to know anyone with a pair of size 4 beetle trackers that they would like to get off their hands πŸ˜‰
      Nat (original anonymous)

  5. Really love all the stripe Inspires! Don't care for any of the bug print stuff. The shorts would be the only tolerable bug item for me (OK I do love the blk/wht stripe inspires with the bug accents too). I'm not loving the wide stripe tanks either – they remind me of rugby tops. Last year's Sea Wheeze items were WAY nicer IMO. I agree with you LLM though, buy now – think/return later! What time were you in line? (Since some runners stated items were sold out by 8am and they had waited 2.5 hours to get in!)

  6. would love those passion crops. If anyone has a size 6 they would like to sell, please contact me at zachorh at gmail.com

  7. I was in line at 4 am, in the store with the 3rd wave of people by about 7:10, no bug pack packs left, only grey and green/black stripe trackers left in size 12, only one small rack of tuck and flows left (maybe 20, all black/white except one pink/orange), good variety of CRB's (except green), long/short/tank swiftly's and one other kind of tank with a built in bra, variety of inspires and a handful of Miss Misty's in pink and bug prints. I was very underwhelmed with the poor offering of clothing for size 12. Colours and bags were much better last year IMO. I'm happy with the couple of pieces I got, but like Lulumum said, there was nothing "special" with the SeaWheeze branding this year…I feel like the clothes in stores and online are nicer right now…

    1. Same here. I'm very relieved, since I couldn't go to SeaWheeze this year. There's nothing that I want to hunt down for myself.

      But I'm loving all the pics and hearing to stories! I hope everyone who waited in line got a few things they love.

  8. All of it is completely unappealing even with lulu goggles. The clothes online are much nicer. Happy for those that got things they like though.

    1. I did not care for the polka dot pattern on the shorts that the (female) runners received prior to the race this year, but am loving most of the patterns on the other seawheeze speeds that I seen. I actually prefer them to last years patterns overall!
      I am really loving the bright colors (the green crb is gorgeous & I love the orange & pink tuck & flow)! Would have loved to have seen more of these colors this past summer!

  9. The only thing that appeals to me is the green CRB with the contrasting trim… and the hanging display of colorful spheres. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. I'll wait for the online upload! Lulu HAS to be finally listening since they'd offered part of the Wanderlust collection this year. Aussie has always gotten SW merch in September-ish. It's NA's turn now. Looks like the normal Lulu logo, too. I could be mistaken, though. All I want is green CRB & green stripe Inspires. The rest can be someone else's.

  11. There was a guy that was consistently counting people all night long. By the morning, I had an extra 50 or so people ahead of me, and there is NO WAY that it was just people napping in the car or going pee. It's so frustrating because these are the people in the chat groups that pretend to be so against that. Riiiiight. I heard a lady just ahead of me in line tell some people that she knew the people near the front and said that not all of them were runners and that some of them photoshopped their names onto someone else's scan ticket.

    1. I would agree – was in line at 3am. According to the count I was 185. We got stopped at the end of the 1st wave – which let in 250 people – so somewhere 50+ people got in ahead of us – People were grabbing entire stacks of shorts – which was appalling.

  12. That bug jacket is so cool! Did they go quick??? I was in the runners'-only line but didn't see any on the racks by the time I made it in πŸ™ Same for the bug skirt… just saw people wearing it the next day but never saw it at the shop! I did manage to get the speeds though.

  13. I got in line at 6:20 and there were at least 2,000 people already in line. Thousands more lined up quickly behind me. The lady next to me said her daughter camped out at 8pm the night before! I entered the store after 3 hrs! Everyone in my running group thought I was nuts! When I got in there were plenty of bug shorts. I got lots of fun stuff but the green crb was my #1 item and that was all gone. The volunteers said all merch was on the floor. Things got re-racked only when people let items go after they grabbed and made final decisions. There was a 15 item limit.

    1. Her daughter probably didn't have the runner entry so had to wait until it opened up to none runners at 10am. If you were in line at 8pm the night before and had a runner ticket you got in at 7am.

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