Well shoot! There are three items I’m liking in this edition of What We Love. Definitely the Grapefruit CRB is a must have, the Iris Flower Roll Down Wunder Under Crops and the On The Daily Hoodie. Although the OTD Hoodie I’d prefer in Grapefruit I think. 

Lululemon Grapefruit Cool Racerback

Lululemon Iris Flower Roll Down Wunder Under Crop

Lululemon Running In The City Tank

Lululemon Running In The City 7/8 Tight

Lululemon Tracker Short III

Lululemon On The Daily Hoodie

Lululemon Run Speed Short

Lululemon Swiftly Tech LS


  1. I wonder if the stores in ONtario will have the CRB tomorrow – they had the bleacher wave and floral the friday before the upload. it doesn't look as neony – which is good!! The iris WU are great too but I hate that they are rolldown as that adds $10 to price. I really need to scale back on my spending! I like the sunset pattern but I am going to wait for a CRB – LOL. I wonder how close the tranquil blue is to the angel blue from last year….looks similiar.

  2. Iris Fliwer WUC look great but I already have Power Purple ones. I got Power Y in Grapefruit and thinking about keeping it. So nothing really for me, but who knows, I always find something to spend $$ on lol

    1. I have Bruised Berry roll downs so honestly I shouldn't get these ones. I do want to compare the colors though.

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