Finally the Seawheeze 2015 Sunset Festival has been announced! That was a suspenseful wait. I posted a few samples below for you to have a listen. I LOVED the innaugeral Seawheeze Sunset Festival which was Fun, but I mostly loved the venue which was Jack Pool Plaza. I don’t much care for the new venue Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. I think they outgrew Jack Pool Plaza though but the backdrop on a sunny day is spectacular. I’ll be adding these bands to my run playlist to pump me up for Seawheeze weekend.

I gotta tell you, I’m getting very excited about Seawheeze. I’m really glad I’m running it this year again and I’ll be sure to come up with an exciting way to post about my adventures with Lulu Addict at seawheeze. Maybe a twitter party or something. 

lululemon seawheeze

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  1. WOWEEEE!!!! Seriously Yeasayer and St. Lucia are the best two bands in the world. This is a perfect combination.

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