Friday, June 14, 2024

New! Crossfit WOD Post

by Cristina

I’ve decided to include a new feature on this blog called WOD Post (workout of the day) and post my workouts to try and keep me accountable to my 5 day per week commitment. Every once in a while I feel the need to incorporate some sort of motivation trick to keep me ‘on schedule’ and up till now its been carpooling to the 6am crossfit workouts with my friend. That has worked out great and I owe her big time for coming up with the idea which was pure genius. Its so much harder to hit snooze when you know your friend will be in the driveway on time and will be pissed if she missed sleeping in because of you. 

The workout today was a 800m jog, and then a few minutes of mobility (for me I worked on shoulder and wrist). Then we moved on to a new movement called the single leg dead lift (with a kettlebell) and we ended up doing about 40 of them – reps of 10 on each side. The workout itself was two AMRAP of 10 Double Unders and 6 Thrusters. The second AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) was 10 Goblet Squats and 6 Dynamic Pushups. I had to modify my pushups since I have an ulnar wrist injury and the way I modify for that is using two dumbbells that I hold on to which keeps my wrist neutral instead of straining my wrist. It’s really great having a coach who has his masters in physio and many others who are either physio or kinesiologists, members who are Dr.’s and Dr.’s of Chiropractic. And a dentist in case you take a kettlebell to the teeth. You get tons of help troubleshooting the inevitable growing pains that come from pushing yourself. 

Another thing to ad is that I’ve been attempting to lose the 10 or so pounds (to start) I’ve gained over the year but its been really difficult and discouraging. I’ve tried the Whole 30 many times but for some reason I struggle with it much more now despite the fact that I was so successful at it last year and lost 30lbs. I don’t even crave my old ‘junk’ though, its more that I can’t get into the habit of eating so much food or planning delicious foods. “Oh, its lunch time? I should eat? where is that can of tuna?”  For the past two weeks I’ve tried ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ instead, while maintaining eating about 80% clean and paleo and I think I’m seeing some movement. Its a lot more work involved tracking the ratio of foods (protein, carbs and fat), and recording them but its much less infuriating than eating so strict that a banana makes me weep. I can have a banana now. A banana is not going to throw me over the edge of despair. We shall see though how it pans out over the span of a month.

Roll Down Wunder Unders in Bruised Berry (LOVE!), Swiftly SL in Black with White Stripes, Faded Zap Energy Bra and Bruised Berry Smartwool Socks. As my To/From I wore my Angel Wing Slalom Stripe Tuck And Fly LS. The roll down wunder under pants are miracle pants for me. They completely cover my mommy tummy and they stay up during runs, double unders, burpees, pretty much anything. 

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