Monday, June 17, 2024

Product Drop Monday: Embrace Crops, Pretty Palm Wunder Unders and More

by Cristina

My store had a small shipment today but they did have in the Heathered Cadet Embrace Crops and Black/Curios Jungle Embrace Crops, Forest Green Street To Studio Crops and the Movement Hoodie (I got the Cashew/Black). The Movement Hoodie this year isn’t lined with Tencil at all, the ruched hoodie detail is some sort of linen feeling cotton. I love it though because my favourite type of Lululemon hoodies are these light ones made out of jersey thin cotton. I ended up returning my Heathered Barely Pink Chai Time Pullover in favour of the hoodie.  My Upload Monday wishlist is: Tuck And Flow LS’s in Heathered Bruised Berry and Opal, Solid Bruised Berry Cool Racerback, and Heathered Forest Cool Racerback. Please don’t all show up tonight. 

Mudra Tank, Curious Jungle Energy Bra, Heathered Cadet Embrace Crops

Curious Jungle Energy Bra, Pretty Palm Wunder Under Pants (roll down apparently)

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