Monday, June 24, 2024

Fit Review: Base Runner Hoodie

by Cristina

Now that I have a few minutes to write about the Base Runner Pullover I’ll give you a bit of fit review. Also, I’d like to address one of my most avid readers and supporters, **** ****, who has kindly requested I take more flattering pictures of myself and dress to flatter myself a bit better since she finds most things don’t look very flattering on me and I take yucky pictures.  Thanks so much Laura, great suggestions. I try really hard to fight the temptation of using a tilting mirror that I can angle just so, and using nice soft lighting in order to fool my readers into thinking I’m thinner or leaner than I am. I find most readers are more interested in an honest fit review straight on and an honest assessment of how things fit me rather than a tricked up picture of me sucking in my gut and posing at 3/4 angle. I’ve had children and my mid section is not tight. I have large thighs which have grown thicker thanks to squats and deadlifts. I’m 5’4″ tall and I’m pear shaped. This is what the Base Runner Hoodie looks like on me if you were to run into me at the mall wearing it, and possibly if you were slightly taller than me. I got this in a size 10 which is my usual size, although I occasionally float between an 8 and a 10, and sometimes I’m a solid 8. Today my measurements say I’m a size 10 and that is what I purchased. The Base Runner Hoodie is really soft and slouchy and if you pull it right down it’s quite long. I like to wear it slouched around my mid section to cover up my yucky bits. If you have the Snorkel Ambition Pullover from a few years ago you may hesitate in getting the Surge Base Runner Hoodie since they are similar design and color, (Ambition being brushed luxtreme and warmer). I did not hesitate, although I’m thinking I may return the Surge for the white/Soot wee stripe instead. I felt the White/Soot looked a bit more flattering on and also it was possibly a bit looser fitting. The Hood/neckline is quite narrow though so everytime you put this one on you will mess up your hair and have to reapply your headband. 

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