Monday, June 17, 2024


by Cristina

This week I can only see the upload on Safari but not on Chrome, last week it was reversed. So far I haven’t ordered anything but as you know I did get the Base Runner Hoodie earlier today. LOVE it and keeping it although possibly swapping it for the white stripe. I’m going to keep refreshing in case we get more items popping up like we’ve had in the previous uploads. I was looking forward to a CRB or winter orchid Ebb To Street Tank that Australia got a few weeks ago.  What did you guys order tonight? 

Brisk Blossom Black Soot (or Brisk Blossom White) Forme Jacket on the banner. Beauty!

Man, I really really love this in Winter Orchid. I just can’t wear it to crossfit though. Most of the heavy bars are really snaggy at the grips and I really rough up tops at the chest area. 

Angel Blue is making a comeback. Months ago Australia got this Angel Blue Tonka Stripe Cool Racerback that we never saw here and I’ve been waiting for it ever since. 

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