Product Drop Monday: Keep It Up Jacket, Winter Sprinter Tech Fleece Pants and Pullover, Base Runner Hoodie and More

November 25, 2013

Sorry team, this first post is going to suck terribly and not have labels.  I will update with names on my next post. First let me rant about my day. Today I had Child #2’s much awaited specialist medical appointment which took one year to get into. This appointment is one hour away from our neighborhood. We arrive at our appointment, pay for a full day of parking (as this doctor is notorious at having 3 plus hour waits), grab our coffee and snacks and settle in. As soon as we get settled in, Child #1’s school calls and says #1 is sick and needs to be picked up. Oh lawd! Reschedule #2’s appointment for January, drive another hour to the school to pick up #1 who informs me she’s not sick and wants to stay. Teacher heard her cough a few times and wanted her to go home (She’d already missed a week of school and this was a residual cough). Get home, get lunch together and have half an hour at home before I drive an hour again to the airport to pick up the husband. Please forgive me that my posts today will be full of suck. Redeeming point was that I did get a chance to stop in at Lululemon at one point today and picked up the Surge Base Runner Hoodie which I love. 

Base Runner Hoodie in Surge and Wee Stripe

Winter Sprinter Tech Fleece Tights

Winter Sprinter Tech Fleece Pullover

Keep It Up Jacket

Keep It Cozy Ear Warmer

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