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Fit Review: Run: Make A Break Jacket and Odds and Ends

August 7, 2012

Run: Make A Break Jacket

I tried on my TTS 10 and it was, as you can see from the picture, quite snug and fitted around my torso. This surprised me quite a bit since it doesn’t look like it would fit snug but my Hustle Jackets are both comfortably size 8, the Inspire Jacket was a TTS 10 on me and this one I’d only consider getting it in a 12. The arms where roomy enough to layer a swiftly underneath but the mid section was very narrow and fitted. I otherwise liked this jacket for it’s simple design. Another thing to note though is the zipper on this one was quite sticky and flimsy plasticy feeling. I foresee that zipper being a problem


Some pictures were uploaded on the Sea Wheeze twitter page. Adorable!!! I’m so excited for this. I really think they have gone above and beyond for the entry fees we paid. We are getting an awesome scarf apparently, flip flops, these cute bags, an awesome medal, a catered brunch and all of the events surrounding the race. I’m signing up for next year again for sure!!

I saw these compression socks in store today and although I feel they are way overpriced at $48 and more then I want to spend on socks but I think they feel a lot nicer and softer/silkier then last years version. I have last years and they were great but I think these ones are a lot nicer and made of nicer material with more even compression. 

Neither of these Cool Racerbacks were in store today sadly, I wanted to see light flash in person since I hadn’t ordered it. I did try on the Power Purple No Limit Tank in a size 8 and it fit perfectly. Glad I ordered the size down on that one. I loved the zig zag pattern on the bra, too. My store finally got a deliver of the Power Purple Define Jackets and I picked thru them and the stitching was pretty solid on all of the ones I looked at. I ended up getting my size 12 finally and will return my size 10 for those of you wondering. 

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