Hi! I’m Lulumum and I’ll be your tour guide today šŸ™‚  I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to dine and grab coffee in Vancouver using Placeling  for those of you coming in for the Sea Wheeze this weekend. I’ll try and update the map as I think of places but if you download the app onto your phone you can keep tabs of the places I add while you are in the city. I’m a big coffee drinker so you wont see any Starbucks stops here, only the very best for my friends. If you venture out of the downtown core I have two spots in Little Italy, Commercial Drive, that has the worlds best pizza place and the truest italian lattes. You can also wander around there and find a couple of awesome Italian Bakeries and Gelato places.  You can even find poutine on Commmerial Drive!!!  It’s a pretty neat interactive map, You can move the map around and look for my placemarks and read descriptions. I’m going to add a page on my blog for this map too so you can grab it anytime if you don’t wish to download the app. 

lulumum on placeling


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