No Limit Tank Power Purple

This one is even more gorgeous in person where you can actually see the zig zag embossed print in the bra portion. 

No Limit Tank Deep Coal/ Ziggy Wee Greys

 Power Purple Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip with Run: Speed Squad Short

I love power purple in the swiftly material and really loved the 1/2 zip but I may exchange it in favor of the cheaper LS version even though I’m not sure I love the chevron print on it. We’ll see though because I have LS’s already and no 1/2 zip version so it may be worth having one on hand. I use these swiftlys a lot for Crossfit

Currant Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip


Power Purple Scuba Hoodie and heathered Power Purple Cool Racerback

So gorgeous! I can’t justify a Scuba otherwise I would have gotten this one too. The CRB though, that one is mine, mine, mine. I’ve read that the heathered power purple CRB is uber soft.

Run: Make A Break Jacket

Light Flash Cool Racerback 

Presence of Mind LS


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