by Cristina

OOTD: Early Morning Crossfit

April 16, 2012

I’m finally starting to feel my routine fall into place with combining running and crossfit.  Although I’m not a morning person at all, I’m finding the most convenient time for me for Crossfit is the 6am class. This allows me to dash out while the kids are still sleeping and my husband is getting ready for work and be back in time for him to leave without being late for work. It’s just way to hard getting to the evening classes when he gets home from work because sometimes that ends up being the 7pm class right before the kids bed time and by then its so easy to say ‘forget it, it’s too hard to fit it in today’. I just prefer the energy of the evening classes overall, people are wired and pumped up from a day of sitting at their desks or doing whatever everyone else does (for me I’m crazed from spending the day with wild toddlers) and I find there is a lot more friendly competition and encouragement and loud music. The 6am class can get pretty full too but everyone is slowly waking up and getting into workout mode and still sort of dragging their feet and bleary eyed.  Ah well, at least I’m able to fit it in somewhere. My runs are bit easier to fit in since I can just go whenever, either with the kids in the jogging stroller or after my husband gets home. I like this early part of run training when I’m just aiming to get out there and run whatever I feel like and keep up the routine rather than going for a prescribed distance. 

My workout (fitness today, not RX) : For time (20:15): 

                       Run 800 Metres (dark and rainy!!!) 

                       7 rounds of the Couplet:  Handstand pushups 10 reps and one legged squat 10 reps

                       Run 800 Metres 


                       My handstand pushups were modified to using the box to elevate my legs, and the one legged squats were very difficult for me to get a full deep squat so half way thru I switched to just regular air squats. 

Ebb and Flow Crops, Rocksteady CRB, Porcelain Ta Ta Tamer, Aquamarine Swiftly
New Balance WT20

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