by Cristina

OOTD: Trail Run

April 16, 2012

Today I decided to head out for a trail run which is something I love and hate. Love because its scenic and tranquil and takes me out of my regular route, and hate because I’m afraid of bears and other wild animals which there are a lot of in my neighborhood. I very rarely go thru the woods and if I do it’s just a quick cut thru trail that would be less than 1/2 a mile. Today I opted to do my entire run thru the trails which was 4 miles and a bit. My husband offered me his referee whistle to take for safety and he has since told me that the whistle cost him $40. Crazy, eh? A whistle can be THAT pricey. But he says its a very shrill whistle and could be heard for a very long distance. I also opted to wear my Currant CRB for visibility with my Run: Chase Me Crops. I really enjoyed this run a lot, especially since there were a lot of different sensations under my feet depending on what type of path I was on and I could really feel it with my minimal shoes. 

I was wearing my New Balance Minimus WT20 runners which I’m really, really liking. There is adjustment to it and my calves have been tight but I’ve been stretching quite a bit and rolling with my grid foam roller so I’m so far so good with them. Yesterday at the Lululemon Run Club they had an ambassador personal trainer come in with all of his myofascial release trigger point toys and he was showing us how to properly roll specific areas. He said that what you do for recovery is as important as how much you train. He had me focus on my calves and my achilles because of my new shoes and I found that really helped quite a lot. Today my ankles were a bit tight with running the trails but I rolled and stretched really well and will roll again later tonight.

The scary trail run. 4.16 miles of paranoia about bears stalking me made me run fast!

This is what a $40 referee whistle looks like. I would never have guessed it costs more than $10. 

Run Club on Saturday with Engineered Bodies

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