I stopped in to my local lulu this morning before taking the kids to school but there wasn’t much new in store today. It seemed like just a restock of items and new items that were uploaded last Monday night such as the Power Vinyasa crops in grey and concord grape. Some new Special Edition Rose Quartz Swiftly Tech LSs and SS’s which were quite pretty. The floral print seems more obvious the lighter the fabric is. There were new April Wee Are From Space Flow Y’s but no CRB’s yet, the only CRB was the Heathered Rose Quartz which was pretty soft but less so than Aquamarine. My store finally got the new Porcelain Ta Ta Tamer in which has been online for a few weeks (I got one an love it, you can now cross the straps in the back). New Pacesetter Skirt in Flash/Jacquard Print too. I’m actually kind of relieved there was no April WAFS CRB’s or Porcelain Swiftly Tech LS’s in to tempt me. I have some Paypal ear marked for those items and would rather catch them on the upload. 



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