Lululemon Mens Pants Fit Review: Trek Pants and Formula Pants

For those of you ladies buying Lululemon pants for the men in your life I finally managed to get my husband to try some lululemon again. The last time was on his birthday last year when I brought him Kung Fu Pants and a hoodie (can’t remember which hoodie) and he rejected them both. “I wont wear lululemon pants at all ever in a million years. Please take those back”, is what he said to me. A few months later he was home sick with a cold and feeling sorry for himself and he had the nerve to tell me he wished he had those lulu pants to wear. He wears a suit for work and has a pretty good professional wardrobe but his home wardrobe is pretty sad. ratty-tatty jeans, Old Navy Cargo Shorts, ripped to shreds t-shirts. He bike rides, refs hockey and golfs on occasion so he doesn’t really have a need for super technical stuff other than hockey gear so there was never any need for lululemon pants other than for lounging in. 

Lululemon is still considered a bit ‘metrosexual‘ in Vancouver so many men (not all men) won’t even go into the store to try stuff on. It takes a lot of nagging from wives and girlfriends for men to actually give lulu a chance but once they do they are hooked. This year my husband decided he really wanted some lulu sweat pants for Christmas but his condition was that he would not set foot in the store to try stuff on for me, I had to go pick out the clothes for him. This was just a little stressful for me because he’s very tall (6’4) but he’s also got really long limbs (hushed voice*and a bit of a tummy*) so fit can sometimes be hit or miss depending on the brands. All of the tall length pants were sold out and I was really worried that the Trek Pants especially would be too short on him but they are actually pretty long with a 34″ inseam. I think they actually sit lower than 34″ though because he usually takes a 36″ in pants and these went right to the floor with a but of pooling. He LOVED these pants when he tried them on tonight and then even did the pocket test for his wallet to see if it made his butt look too lumpy and apparently these pants passed because they are so relaxed fitting that the wallet didn’t stick out much. He loved that they have an inner coolmax lining as well so they feel cozy like sweats but they are a bit more put together. 

I also brought home the Formula Pants as an alternative to try on and I didn’t plan on giving him both for Christmas since I had some other ideas for him for but he decided he wanted both pants. The Formula Pants do come in a tall length but they sold out online a few weeks ago and they are apparently a rare find in stores according to both Metrotown and Coquitlam so I just got him the regular length and they fit perfect. Longer than the Trek Pants with a bit more pooling on the ground. Mariah, the lovely educator that helped me out today persuaded me to try the Formula Pants instead of the Kung Fu Pants because she said a lot of men that are hesitant to give lululemon a try especially don’t like the Kung Fu Pants at first because a) it’s luon and b) it may highlight ‘the package‘ and so the Formula Pants are what she usually recommends as a good ‘starter pant’ for the boys. My brother will still only wear the Metal Vent Tech Tee my mom got him for Christmas and my brothers in-law will wear only cotton to the gym and Bench Clothes for lounge wear. At Crossfit I see more guys that wear lulu but it’s mostly just the Metal Vent Tech’s or hoodies, not so much the pants and no brand cotton tee’s are still the most prevalent along with Under Armour

I have to say, I’m really pleased I finally got my husband to appreciate lululemon pants for himself. It was almost as wonderful a purchase as buying myself something from lulu. Almost. Also, it’s quite awesome that I’ve finished shopping for the most difficult person on my Christmas shopping list so early on. I highly recommend just getting your husbands/boyfriends some lulu pants if your stumped on ideas, I especially like the Trek Pants. 

Trek Pant

Formula Pant

  1. I am getting the formula pants for my bf once I can track down his size. He refused to go to the "dark side" until he felt the inside of them. Silly boys. He's also a hockey guy and Under Armour is apparently more manly :p

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