Wednesday, June 19, 2024

More Photos Of The Latest: Run: Stay The Course Jacket, Pure Balance Jacket, Manifesto LS

by Cristina

Oooh my, I just dragged my ass home from a mean Crossfit WOD. We did ‘Eve’ which is 5 rounds of 800 meter run, 30 Kettlebell swings, and 30 Pull-ups and my lungs are still on fire from sprinting in the freezing cold in just a tank top (Currant CRB for those of you wondering) and some crops. I started off with my Full Tilt Pullover and ended up taking it off after the first round. It’s so funny that when I go out on a run (non crossfit run that is) I bundle up and wear a pullover and warm pants, but when I crossfit run I’m happy in just a Cool Racerback Tank. Anyways, I survived it and came home expecting my blogger duties to be finished for the night but there seems to be tons of new stuff to update. I’ll post a little more once I put the kiddlets to bed.  

Run: Stay The Course Jacket

Pure Balance Jacket Paris Pink and Paris Pink Manifesto Long Sleeve

 Apparently this shirt says ‘eat once a day’ across the middle front instead of sweat once a day. Oh my. 

Run: Back On Track Skirt

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