Early Upload!

Well I did not expect an upload today at all so thank you to one of my readers for letting me know. I think besides being annoyed at not knowing when to expect the upload, Tuesday uploads are probably better for getting deliveries faster since you don’t have to wait thru the weekend. 

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the Paris Pink Run: For It Pullover to appear since I posted the image from the website (here) so I expect this one will fly off the shelves considering it hasn’t even hit stores yet. I haven’t ordered anything today although I may have been swayed if the Paris Pink Pure Balance Jacket  got uploaded even though I passed on it in store yesterday so it’s a good thing for me it wasn’t uploaded. 

What did you guys order? What do you think of this surprise Tuesday Upload?

 Run: Turn Around Long Sleeve Paris Pink

Run: Stay on Course Jacket

Cabin Long Sleeve Tee II 

 BlackBlack Micro Macro Stripe

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