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High-Brow vs Low-Brow: Lululemon Cabin Long Sleeve vs. Old Navy Topstitched Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tee

by Cristina

I really love a great Lulu- like find at places like Old Navy. I was originally disappointed that the Cabin Tee Long Sleeve in Black Swan wasn’t going to work out for me so I was on the look-out for a long sleeve tee with the same casual look as lululemon and the same softness as the Pima cotton so that I can layer it under things like Scuba’s or Wraps. I was surprised to see these crew-necks (almost a boatneck really) on the Old Navy website and went out in search of them at local stores to see if I could feel the fabric before buying. I sadly didn’t find them in store and since Old Navy was having a 25% off sale online I decided to place my first website order from them. Little did I know that Lulu would be releasing these new Ombre Stripe Cabin’s on Monday which I ended up really loving so I was all set to return these Old Navy ones as soon as they arrived but I ended up really loving them also and the soft jersey fabric was the winning factor. 

The shipping process was super fast and the items arrived 4 business days earlier than quoted. For $16.49 they are a really great alternative to Lululemon’s $68 version. They are TTS but if you want the same casual relaxed fit of the Cabin ii then I would size up one or even two depending on how relaxed you’d like it, especially for more arm and torso length. I have mummy tummy to contend with so I will probably layer a white Modern Racer Tank under this if I wear them with my jeans since they are a little sheerer than the Cabin which has two layers. I could return these for a size up but that means ordering online and waiting and I can’t be bothered. Muffin top be damned! One thing I really love about these is that the jersey material feels exactly like my Chirp Lux Remix only silkier. I also really love the contrasting stitch on these and the high cuffs at the wrist which is what I miss from the original Lululemon Cabins. The only thing this is really missing is the thumbholes and also the reversible option. I suspect that with time these will pill in the wash but thankfully I have two fabric shavers which I regularly use to groom my Lululemon clothes and for $14.95 after the online promotion code it just can’t be beat. Hopefully I’ll see these at my local store soon so that I can pick up a few more colors. The US side of the Old Navy website has them priced at $16.95 today with a 30% discount so make sure to grab them if your thinking about it. I only wish there were more colors to choose from. 

Old Navy Women’s Topstitched Crew-Neck Tees 

Lululemon’s Cabin Long Sleeve Tee ii

Green Agate, Size L

 Sunkissed Lime, Size L

See, slightly muffin top unfriendly but I can either layer with a white tank underneath or I can wear these with my Stills and Grooves for the ultimate mommy uniform. 

Cabine Long Sleeve, Size 10

And my purchase from yesterday. I wore this top today with my jeans and it passes the muffin top test. Mostly because of the optical illusion of the stripes. 

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