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Fit Review: Apres Run Pullover

by Cristina

I managed to get to my store this morning to pick up my Chocolate Chili Chai from David’s Tea and also stop in at Lulu to see if they got the Apres Run Pullover.  Low and behold they did so I tried one on and LOVED IT! It’s pretty similar to last years Post Run Pullover and it isn’t the double layer with sherpa lining like the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover, it’s just regular fleece. The color Black Swan in this was so stunning that even though I’ve heard rumours that there may be a Persian Purple version (nothing confirmed yet so not sure how valid it is), I couldn’t resist the Black Swan. I’m an 8/10 in scubas, literally depends on the color run on what size I choose but this was pretty nice fitting in the size 10 so I didn’t try the size down. I’d say it’s TTS, body skimming but not snug. Don’t size down in this one.

One notable thing about this pullover vs. the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover is that the DHBH can be worn without an under layer since there are no seam details to irritate. The Apres Run has some upper back detailing that you will feel if you don’t have a tank or tee shirt underneath. Not at all a deal breaker just something to note. 

I also tried the new Ombre striped Cabin LS and loved it as well. The last color run was not flattering on me due to the length and my disproportionately long torso but the pattern on this really draws the eyes up and it doesn’t make me look disproportionate. I purchased it but I’m dying to see if other colors come out in this print. 

Apres Run Pullover

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Anonymous November 3, 2011 - 7:58 pm

Do you happen to know if this pullover was released to just the Canadians this morning or was I late for the party and missed it on the US side?


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