New Jacket! Off The Mat Jacket and Turn Around Long Sleeve

Big huge thanks to Sharon for the image and description and price info! This is the Off The Mat Jacket with Sherpa Fleece on the  inside. I love everything about this jacket. Why oh why is Lulu releasing all these things I love in the same month??

I love this jacket and really want it but the price tag of $178 is a bit ridiculous for something fleece. If I get this it will be at the sacrifice of a lot of my wish list items. Like, I probably wont get a Gratitude Wrap and I wont get a Cabin LS…and I’ll probably return the Apres Run Pullover.

Turn Around Long Sleeve 

  1. Yes, the price of that jacket is wayyyy too high for something that is "high pile polyester fleece." it is beautiful though! Just think of how high the markup is on that…. And how many cuddly sweaters you could buy from elsewhere!

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