Good Upload?

I’m going to call it a good upload because only one of my wish list items got uploaded and that means I didn’t have to bust my budget all at once. Although it sucked that last week was so early at 5:30am and today it started late at about 7:30. I was up at 6am. I got the Apres Run Pullover in Black Swan and If I like it (if it arrives) then I may sell my Power Purple Fuzzy Fleece Pullover. I really wanted the Cabin Long Sleeve in the Ombre stripe but I decided not to push my luck with online orders and wait to see it in store. I need to try it on anyways since the black swan one I tried on a while ago was a fail on me being too long for my already disproportionately long torso. The Ta Ta Tamer ii was tempting as well in that lovely Persian Purple but I don’t need it at the moment, I have a TTT that I wash and wear for each workout.  The Plum Stripe Scuba also tempted me in store the other day but I really don’t need a scuba hoodie.

What did you guys order today?

Apres Run Pullover Black Swan

Cabin Long Sleeve Tee ii

Ta Ta Tamer ii

Triumphant Tote  Persian Purple. 

Gorgeous in this color!

Scuba Hoodie Heathered Black Swan/Plum Classic Stripe

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