I am so silly! This morning I got it in my head that although I love my Run For Your Life Pullover in Royalty I would prefer to have this pullover instead and I would reach for it more then the RFYL. My preference is always soft running luon over luxtreme but the RFYL pullover was such a thin stretchy luxtreme that I could’t resist it when it came out, especially since I reluctantly passed on last years Cross Train Pullover with the same neckline.  I loved the colors it came in this year, especially Royalty, but I realized that in the end I will always grab my running luon tops before any of my luxtreme ones when going out for a run and so it didn’t make sense to pass on this pullover. I reluctantly exchanged the RFYL for this one today. I think the Run Full Tilt is more flattering on me anyways and maybe I can get the RFYL pullover at a later date on markdown (they were already accidentally marked down a few weeks ago) or on the exchange pages. Ah well. I also impulsively grabbed the Run Speed Skirt in Coal Shale Stripe in 10 Tall and I am even more bummed now that it’s not 4 way stretch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the print on me but the 4 way makes the skirt too small on me and it rides up big time. SO mad. I may try on a 12 tall if I see it but I suspect the waist will be far too loose and ride up will still be an issue. 

Run Full Tilt Pullover, Rocksteady


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