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Photos of The Latest: Run Full Tilt Long Sleeve and Pullover, Swiftly V Neck, Weightless Skirt and More

September 6, 2011

This has been a pretty big product drop week for Fall/Back To School and despite all of the awesome items that were dropped in store on Friday we haven’t seen a ton of product pictures on facebook from all of the different stores to go on. My favourite item of the drop this week has been the Full Tilt Long Sleeve which I’ve already gotten the opportunity to wear twice this weekend, mind you it hasn’t been for physical activity, it’s just been to lounge while watching movies in the chilly air conditioning. My other purchase was the Swiftly V-Neck Tee. I’ve been meaning to get one since they first came out in April but non of the colors appealed to me until now. The Raspberry is probably the prettiest pink I’ve seen in a long time and it’s vibrancy reminds me a lot of Power Purple. 

Run Full Tilt Long Sleeve

This first picture really illustrates the ‘fit issue’ some have mentioned with the boatneck not laying flat. This is not a design issue per say, it’s really just the dense stretchy running luon needs a bit of help to be arranged. This is especially the case with running luon that is not fitted and fits more relaxed since it doesn’t have the drape that something like cotton or swiftly would have, plus you have the excess fabric. You’ll just need to pull the shirt down and then slouch the bottom hem where you want it to sit making sure that it hasn’t caught on your under shirt, but if your getting a lot of excess fabric at the neckline you may want to try sizing down. I found this top TTS with a slouchy fit but you can easily size down for a more fitted look. 

 Another picture showing the boatneck not laying perfectly. 

Run Full Tilt Pullover

I really love the Full Tilt Pullover in this color but I think I may take a pass on it. I’m not totally decided yet. The color is calling to me though. 

Run Swiftly Tech V Neck 

I got the Raspberry V Neck the other day and really love it. I’m considering getting a second one but I’ll probably wait for another color run since I can’t decide between Royalty and Muted Mauve. I’ve heard the Muted Mauve is super soft in the silverscent material. 

Cool Racerback Tank: Rocksteady, Muted Mauve

 Define Jacket: Rocksteady, Muted Mauve

 Run Full Tilt Crop

 Run Inspire Crop

 Run See Me Ride 7/8 Tight

 Sequence Pant

 Stride Jacket, Black Stripes Gallore

The Stripes Gallore Stride is very striking in person. It really reminds me of the purpley space dye Stride Jacket from way back in 2008. A rare unicorn. 

Run Inspire Jacket: Ghost, Dewberry

 Run Weightless Skirt

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