Fit Review ~ Run Silver Bullet Tank (And A Riding Jacket Mention)

**Forgot to mention that another product drop is due for tomorrow**

Well I did manage to get to the store tonight for a very speedy shopping trip and still managed to squeeze in my 3 mile run before having dinner and putting the kids to bed. Ta-da!

I got the Run Silver Bullet Tank today and also tried on the Silver Bullet LS in the gorgeous Raspberry. I fully expected to leave with the long sleeve but a couple of things deterred me. One, the top is form fitting and the material is thinner then silverscent swiftly so even in the size 10 I wasn’t totally comfortable with how my lumps and bumps looked. That wasn’t soo terrible and I would have probably purchased it despite that but I also felt $78 was more then I wanted to spend on an in between season layer. I was a bit confused this afternoon with the description of ‘silverscent knit‘ and I expected it to be more like the mens version of the swiftly’s with that thick cottony feeling silverscent material. Instead it’s actually very similar to the Run Energy and the I Just Wanna Run Tank which is more of a silverscent jersey. It drapes beautifully and is really wonderful for hot August runs but a thin cool long sleeve layer doesn’t make sense for me since it’s a lot cooler then the Swiftly LS’s. I may in the end change my mind because it was a really pretty top, I’m just not convinced I need it for $78.

 Run Silver Bullet Tank

The tank comes in Magnum and Royal with the reflective feather print design on it and Dewberry and I think Black or maybe it was Coal without the feather print design on it. I got it in Magnum after initially choosing the Royal and I’m glad I went with Magnum. It’s got a mauvy lavender undertone to it and it’s really a pretty color. So glad Mariah, my friendly local educator convinced me to get the Magnum. 

51% Nylon,  37% Polyester,  8%Spandex,  4% Nylon X-Static D Argent

This is me pre run. It was a hot 23* (73*f) today and I was wearing my Energy Bra and Mind Over Matter Crops. I got this in a size 10 (I’m between a 8/10) and although it’s plenty roomy up top I think the 8 would have been too snug around my hips. I think the sleeve opening on this tank is a little big so if you have issues with underarm chafing you may not like that. It showed about an inch of my energy bra in the underarm and at the neckline so that sort of gives you an idea of how big the armholes are. The fit is loose and not clingy but it also doesn’t have that drop waisted look that the Energy SL has with the cinch cord to customize the fit. The pattern on the front is indeed reflective but it’s quite a subtle reflectivity and not as obvious as the old lulu logo. 

Post 3 mile run, pretty sweaty although you can’t really tell that here. I am a big sweater and my face was beat red so I was pleased to see that the top was dry and had no sweat marks on it. The top didn’t cling to me while I ran and I felt the breeze move thru it (I was running that fast!) so I would definitely call this a breathable top. 

 Here is a closeup of the top in the bathroom mirror. I pressed the shirt against my skin to see if the sweat would show and where I have the arrow is the only place it really picked up enough sweat to look damp. I think it will show sweat if your sweating profusely and have a snugger fit but since it’s so loose fitting the sweat evaporates before it even sets into the top which means you are efficiently keeping cool. It was a really comfortable top to run in and if you liked the previous Run Energy SL or the I Just Wanna Run Tank then you will probably love this one.

I briefly looked at the Riding Jacket and it’s actually pretty nice in person if your going for the equestrian look. It looks just like a riding jacket in person and like you should be carrying one of those horse whips. Imagine wearing this with your Wunder Under Crops and riding boots over to yoga class in the fall. Very preppy! The ruffle in the back has an under layer of mesh and a big iPhone pocket which is a nice touch. I was told by  the educator that these are form fitting so some people may size up in this as they may find it small. 

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