Monday Product Drop..on Friday

Since Monday is a holiday here in BC I was told yesterday that the big August product drop would happen today. Sadly I couldn’t make it in or check out the latest online until now because I was at the Dr.s office with my daughters getting yearly check ups. Anyways, so sorry for the delayed report of whats new in store. There are a couple of new items here that I’d love to try on this weekend if time allows. One item I’m really lusting after. All of these gorgeous new fall items are really conflicting my budget between my casual/work out clothes and my non lulu clothes I want to also buy.

Oh, and PS. lulu, I’m still grumbling about ALL of the dead links in the product alerts. Major sucky!

Riding Jacket

Alright, I get that this is designed to look like an equestrian jacket with the boxier fit front with a high neckline and the pleated back panel. It’s a fashion statement for sure but not one that I personally like, especially not the contrasted grey version. I do however really like that the MP3 pocket is now big enough to accommodate an iphone or an itouch as apposed to a mini shuffle. I hope these bigger pockets are used on all items that used to have the mini pocket. 

Run Silver Bullet Long Sleeve Tech

I am LUSTING big time over this new swiftly top. It’s the same silverscent material used in the mens swiftly tops and I’ve often wondered why the men got the less revealing thicker silverscent knit while the women got the shows every lump and bump knit. I’m also crazy about the neckline on this because the Swiftly Tech Crewnecks always seemed too closed and high up for my liking. And the color is A-Mazing. 

Silver Bullet Tank

This is the other item making it to my lust list. I’ve read that the feather design on the front (Royalty colorway in bottom picture) is all reflective. How long have we been asking for a return of the pretty reflective detailing that we saw back in 2009 with the Spirit Pullover? Instead of using just the ugly utilitarian strips of reflective tape (which are useful and I’m glad they’re still incorporated) we also get the pretty reflective design in this tank. I love the color of this tank and that it’s the knitted silverscent material, I also love that it’s looser around the tummy. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these two tops soon to try them out. 

Run Speed Skirt Magnum Snowy Owl 

I don’t wear running skirts at all but I must say I am envious of those of you that do wear them when I see prints like these. I may be in the minority about this print but I love it. It’s neutral but still fun so It will go with all of your tops. Toooo bad run skirts aren’t made to accommodate chub rub and pillow thighs. I guess if they were they’d look matronly and then I’d never wear them anyways. 

 Wunder Under Crop *Ruffle

I’m a sucker for the Wunder Under Crops with feminine detailing on it. My favourite ever where my knotted WU’s but sadly I went to put them on the other day and realized I’d sold them in the heat of summer closet cleanout. Because it was too warm to wear them. FAIL! I don’t know that I love the Grossgrain ribbon on these but I do love the ruffle. 

 Run For Your Life Tank

This is another Silverscent Knit top. I liked it a lot at first and then I saw the Run Silver Bullet Top and I like that better. This one has an inner bra and some luxtreme paneling. I really like the bottom portion of the tank and how it sort of fits like the Run: Energy SL with the cinch coard to customize the fit. 



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