Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Newest Items ~ Great New Colors (Aruba, Raw Blue, Power Purple Micro Stripe)

by Cristina

This is the new Retro Groove Gym Bag. It’s cute but I’m really loving that Aruba is back. I had a pair of Tranquil Crops in Heathered Aruba which pilled beyond recognition and always upset me because I loved the color and never saw anything else in it that I could buy to replace my sad looking Tranquil Crops (depilling didn’t help revive them). We’ll be seeing at least a Cool Racerback in this color but what I would love is a Cool Racerback with a pattern like on the water bottles in the picture below. I’m so much happier with this color palette (Aruba, Raw Blue, Power Purple, India Ink, Pond) then I was with the Passion/Snorkel/Faded Zap Palette. These are much more the type of colors that I gravitate to, besides neutrals such as browns.

Modern Racerback Tanks are back in Passion/Coal Omber, Snorkel/Coal Ombre, and Faded Zap/Coal Ombre. Modern Racerbacks are made of Pima Cotton just like the 5yr Pimas. I have a White Modern in size 12 which I use a lot for layering and a Chirp and Black in size 10. Now I would probably go with an 8 since my size 10’s scoop down in the chest quite low.

This is a closeup of the Resolution Pants I reviewed here. I really liked these pants a lot but these are a size up if your between sizes. Not for fit so much but because there is an inner seam detail that shows through across the butt when you move around and the inner liner moves against the outer fabric so you don’t want these to be fitted in that area. Looks like you have saggy panties underneath. Anyways, I really like the Raw Blue used on these pants as well as in the Ambition Crops. I hope to see a lot more pants in this color and in particular I’d love to have a pair of Dance Studio Pants in Raw Blue. Raw Blue is closer to Black then it is to Navy but in certain lights you do see the Blue come out more.

I love a cinchable hem. I wish all Lulu pants had this feature. 
Pique Wunder Under Crops in Light Grey (LIGP) worn with Modern Racerback Tank in Snorkel/Coal Ombre. I love my Pique Grooves that I got for Christmas and I’ve worn them more then any of my other pants. I really hope we see Pique Relaxed Fit Pants and Still Pants as well. I think there slightly warmer then regular luon but not so much more that you couldn’t wear them in late Spring. I think there more cozy and soft then they are warmer. I would love Still Pants in the light grey pique. 

Scuba Hoodie In Power Purple Micro Stripe.

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