Saturday, June 15, 2024

Hustle Jacket Poncho Stripes

by Cristina

These are the Poncho Stripe Hustle Jackets (Multi Poncho Stripe, Wish Poncho Stripe and Coal Poncho Stripe) I mentioned this morning that I’ve been hearing about.  I did a fit review of the Hustle Jacket  this morning since I just got one this past weekend and absolutely love it for running as well as for to and from. I don’t really like the poncho stripe print on these for myself as they are a bit flashier then the others and I also think it takes away from the overt femininity which is what I like the most about this jacket. That being said though,  these are also quite fun and young and have a bit of a snowboarder look to them. They also seem to be missing the reflective detailing that the Coal, Plum and Power Purple Jackets had so these may be better suited to To and From then for night time running. * the Coal picture at the bottom seems to have reflective detailing on it. I like how the direction of the stripes on this pattern is placed in different angles on different panels of fabric which may be a slimming effect. Plum Shale Hustle jacket remains my top favourite.

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