Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Upload Thursday

by Cristina

Bigger upload then I expected today but nothing in it tempted me enough to whip out my gift card. I ordered some Groovy Run Shorts/Black Roses the other night to try on at home in a size up just to see if the length is better for me then the size 8 which felt too short. I think even if they’re too loose in the waist I can cinch them up and they should look ok even as I lose weight.  I’ve been wanting some shorts to use for my treadmill runs since I’ve been using my Still Shorts that are one size too big. It’s been so annoying wearing those with the extra fabric flopping around and the waist cinched up so I really hope I like the Groovy Run Shorts, I love them with the print. I just wish they made a longer version of them just for me.

What did you buy today?

Oooh I feel a moment of temptation for the Power Purple Hustle even though I have the Plum coming to me and that’s the one I ultimately want.  Power Purple is such a lovely color though and I almost wish I could have two Hustle Jackets. 

Hustle Jacket Power Purple

Run Outward Bound Jacket  White. Very cute and warm running jacket. 

Inner Awareness Tank Passion. I’m not in need of a new tank but I like how comfortable this one is and loose around the tummy. 

Stride Jacket II  not loving the new neon palette. I can pass on these Strides. 

Candlelight Tank Multi Water Wall Print I’ve worn this tank very often since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s one of the most comfortable tanks I have which is why it’s my go to tank to wear under a scuba. And I love the print, I wish they had more items coming in this print. I stayed TTS in this tank and it fits perfectly, although If you have a bigger chest then me (36C) you may find it a little tight in the upper back and under the arms.  

Run Ambition Crops and I feel tempted for these ones as well as the Alpine tights since my thighs were a little bit cold on my run the other day (very little cold, I was being a wuss). But truthfully I really don’t want to spend my Lulu bucks on warm running tights that I wont use in the Spring so I’d rather tough out the cold. I always remind myself to tough it out when I see the old guys running in shorts. 

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