Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The New Hotness Video from Halifax

by Cristina

This video features the Run Ambition Pullover in Passion, Outward Bound Jacket, Run Resolution Pullover and Faded Zap swiftly.

I went for a run today in -4* and wore my Inspire Pullover and I found it to be slightly less warm then the Ambition Pullover I wore yesterday. I’m now considering spending my lulu bucks on Alpine Pants as my thighs and butt were super cold. I hate spending my gift card on winter run pants because I’ll only use them for the next month and maybe two months and then they will be put away in my closet but I also don’t want to spend the next month on the treadmill. *sigh* dilemmas.

the new hotness at lululemon athletica Halifax – December 30 from lululemon athletica Halifax on Vimeo.

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