Thursday, April 25, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve

by Cristina

I’m a bit torn about tomorrows upload because I have a feeling it will be a disappointing one for me and yet I have lulu bucks to spend (isn’t it always the case that when you get gift cards to spend your disappointed with whats available). I’m pretty much done with the current palette with one Snorkel Blue item and no interest in the other colors or items. Neons for spring don’t really appeal to me. My guess is that we will see the new Stride Jackets tomorrow in Faded Zap/Micro Stripe Zap, Passion/Micro Stripe Passion, and Snorkel/Micro Stripe Snorkel. Maybe the new Modern Racerback Tanks and headbands and accessories in these colors. Maybe we will get lucky and see the Lullure Cool Racerbacks in Peacock, Pond and India Ink in which case I would grab one to see if I like it.

What are you guys hoping to get tomorrow with all those hot little gift cards? Or will you be saving them for another palette?

Stride Jacket

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