Saturday, May 25, 2024

New Items – Outward Bound Jacket, New Pullovers and LS

by Cristina

Run Outward Bound Jacket. I stand corrected about the reflectivity. It seems to have pretty good reflective strips in the back shoulders and neck and on the front at the chest. Now that makes it a tougher decision between the Plum Shale Hustle Jacket and the Outward Bound in Wish for me so I think the decision would come down to price + availability.

Run Ambition Pullover. I’m liking it in white. I sold my other luxtreme pullover which I used quite a bit in the spring until it got too big on me so I think I’d like to replace it. I don’t like luxtreme as much as running luon as I don’t find it cozy enough but Brushed Power Luxtreme is soft on the inside so I think this would be great, if it was just plain luxtreme it would have been a pass for me. 

Run Resolution Long Sleeve passion

Run: Resolution Pullover (Snorkel Microstripe and Static Coal). I just don’t like the overall design on this one. There are bits and pieces of it that I like but overall it’s just too busy. 

Special Edition Cool Racerback Tank. 

New Defines in Snorkel and Faded Zap

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