Saturday, July 20, 2024

I’m Pooped! Here Are Some New Pictures.

by Cristina

Hey gang, hope you all got some great lulu today under your tree.  I got some gift cards that I wasn’t expecting so it looks like my sister and I will be heading to Lulu tomorrow morning (sans kids!!! =D)for Boxing Day shopping after all. It will be interesting to see how much of my list has made it to the racks. I also got a lovely Garmin 110 which I’ve been wanting for a while now so I’m considering getting some winterish running tights along with the Ambition Pullover and if I should be so very lucky I want to find the Hustle jacket in Plum so that I can brave the chill and put the Garmin to use as soon as my toe heals up. I think the top of my list is the Hustle Jacket and second is the Ambition Pullover.

These are shots of the Run Ambition Pullover with detail pictures of the hood and ties. I’m liking the white.

Run Ambition Pullover in White and Run Resolution Pullovers in Microstripe Passion and Microstripe Snorkel

I notice the Microstripe Passion with Passion contrast and Microstripe Snorkel with Snorkel contrast sort of looks like denim.
Run Speed Shorts in Passion Red Plaid. Looks cute with the more subdued grey top.

Swiftly’s in Passion and Faded Zap. Faded Zap is interesting in the swiftly material as it’s quite different from the others that have been out.

Run Resolution Pants. These look interesting! I like the waistband on these since I usually have trouble with luxtreme sliding down in the waist a bit. Hmmm…lulu, why not make luxtreme running tights with this type of a waist?

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