Thursday, April 25, 2024

Run Ambition Pullover and Run Resolution Pullover and More..

by Cristina

Run Ambition Pullover in Passion. I didn’t think I would like it in Passion but I am liking it. I have a Passion Pima Tee and although I like the color I have trouble paring it with the rest of my wardrobe as I keep mostly blues/purples/browns so the contrast is a bit jarring.

Notice where the hood ties are? They’re much lower then the neck line and not right below your face. Interesting, I like the look of it. 

RUN: Ambition PulloverRUN: Ambition PulloverAlternate View

Run Resolution Skirt I’m not a huge running skirt person but this is pretty cute in an over the top girly kind of way.

Resolution SkirtResolution SkirtAlternate View

Run Resolution Pullover in Static Coal. Finally the back view. I don’t like the contrast panels and the stitching on it but I’m not hating on the bustle.  I really don’t like the ruched yoke on the front. 

Resolution PulloverResolution PulloverAlternate View

Run Swiftly Tech SS and LS This is lit up differently in the model picture. If I had to guess which one was the truer color I would go with the model picture on the left.

RUN: Swiftly TechRUN: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves

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