Wednesday, June 19, 2024

My Christmas Gift To All Of You..Lets Play a Sale Guessing Game

by Cristina

Where you considering going to a Lululemon on Boxing Day? This came to me in a dream and I have a feeling you may or may not find these specific items on sale at your local store Winking smile Merry Christmas!!Zip

**Will post subsequent postings below this one. Make sure to check below this post for updates.

I’ll be out drinking and being merry for the next two days and away from blog land (mostly). Enjoy!

Awareness Wrap (COAL/LILC/BLRO) $118 on for $99

Express Yourself Wrap (HPUM, HWSH) $118 on for $99

Community Jacket (BLK, Coal) $128 on for $99

Escapade Jacket (BLK, Coal, MMNI) $228/189/179 on for $129/109

Peace of Mind Jacket (Coal, Daze)$228 on for $129

Define Jacket (LOPL, STPL, TEZE) $99/108 on for $79

Stride Jacket (TEZE/TASD, LOPL, RVRK/Coal, SDCS/SENP) $118/108 on for $89

Effortless Hoodie (BLK, HCLG, HLOP STDG/STMG, STMG) $78 on for $69

Modern Crewneck Tee (HASH/BLPS, HASH/SEPS, HCHR/RVRRK) $48 on for $39

Modern V Neck LS Tee (BLK, Coal/BLKFP, LCSG/Ash, LOPL/Hash) $58 on for $44

Run Swiftly Tech SS (ALRM, OSIS, SENP/DCSG) $58 on for $39

Alignment Tank (Haze/Coal, PERS, WSHB, DCSG/BLK, LOPL/BLK) $64 on for $39

Centred Pose Tank (Coal/GSDY, LILC/CASI) $52 on for $39

Commit Tank (COAL/STCO, LOPL/BLK, SENP/STCO) $52 on for $39

Gather Racerback (HLOP) $42 on for $39

Inner Strength Tank (LOPL/PWPU, SENP/DCSG) $52 on for $39

Power Y Tank (LOPL, PERS/Coal, STPL, TEZE) $52 on for $34/$39

Push Ur Limits (LILC/CASI, LOPL/PWPU, PLUM/STPL, SDCS/SENP) $52 on for $39/$34

Run: Recharge Tank (Coal/STCO) $58 on for $44

Run: Swiftly Racerback (ALRM, OSIS) $52 on for $39

Scoop Neck Tank (LOPL/PWPO, PLUM/STCH, SDSC/SENP, TASD/TEZE) $52 on for $39

50 Rep Bra (LOPL, TEZE) $42 on for $34

All Sport Bra (LOPL, SENP, TEZE) $48 on for $34

Boobs On A Wire (BlK, WSHB) $58 on for $49/$44

Flow Y Bra IV (LOPL, RVRK) $42 on for $39 

Hot Racer Bra (LILC) $42 on for $29

Ta Ta Tamer (TEZE) $58 on for $44

The Bust Stops Here (LOPL) $58 on for $44

Cobra Crop (BLK) $86 on for $59

Dance Crop (DDNM)$78 on for $49

Gather & Crow Crop (BLK/SENP/BLIS, STCH OSIS) $86 on for $59

Groove Crop II (Coal/ANGL, COAL/SDCS/ALRM, STC/BLK) $86 on for $59

Insight Crop (BLK, BLK/ALRM, COAL) $78 on for $49

Power Pose Crop (Coal/LILC) $78 on for $69

Relaxed Fit Crop II (BLK/OSIS) $86 on for $59

Alignment Pant (HCHR) $88 on for $59

Astro Pant (COA/HCWE, COAL/SSDY, STCH) $98 on for $79

Belt it Out Pant (Blk, Blk/Coal, BLK/WSHB, Coal/Haze, Coal/PWPO, STCH/VRVL, STCH/WSHB) $98 on for $79

Community Pant (BLK) $69 on for $49

Dance Sweat Pant (Coal/LILC, CSGY/HAZE, CSGY/TEZE, DCSG/PERS, HCHR/Lime) $74 on for $49

Dance Sweat Pant II (Coal, CSGY, HAMZ) $74 on for $49

Effortless Pant (BLK, STDG/STMG) $78 on for $49

Insight Pant (BLK, BLK/LOPL, Coal, STCH) $88 on for $59

Live Simply Pant (Coal, CSGY, DCSG) $74 on for $49

Power Pose Pant  (BLK/PLUM, COAL/LILC, STCH/WSHB) $88 on for $59


Relaxed Fit Crop II (STCH/LOPL) $86 on for $59

Sage Twist Pants (Blk, RVRK, SDCS, Coal, SENP) $98 on for $79 & $49

Start it Up Pant (Blk) $79 on for $59

Still Pant (Coal, SCWA, HCWE) $98 on for $79

Tadasana Pant (BlK, LOLP, SDCS, SENP) $98 on for $79

Yoga Harem Pant $59 on for $39

Yogi Dance Pant (Blk, BLRO, MUPS, PPMI, PWPU, Coal/Haze, STCH, WVRVL)

Run Ultra Pant (BLK, Coal) $98 on for $79

Run Fast Crop (BLK, BLK/OSIS, COAL/ALRM) $86 on for $59

Run Cross Train Crop (BLK, BLK/STBK/LOPL, COAL/SCLW) $86 on for $59

Run Dash Crop (BLK/TEZE/STBK, Coal/Haze/STCO, Coal/LILC/STCO) $86 on for $59

Run Inspire Crop (BLK/STB/RVRK, Coal/STCO/SENP) $86 on for $59

Boogie Shorts (Coal/Haze, LOPL, STCH/WSHB) $42 on for $29

Effortless Shorts (HCLG, STMG, Blk) $29 on for $19

Knock Out Short (BLk/STPL/Plum,STCH/VRVL) $48 on for $29

Run: Speed Short (LOPL/STBK) $54 on for $39

Run: Personal Best Skirt (BLk, OOMP/LOPL, SENP) $39 on for $19

Run: Reflection Skirt (BLK, Coal) $54 on for $39

Run: Revitalize Skirt (ALRM/Coal, OSIS/BLK) $39 on for $19

RVS Groove Short (Coal/Haze/WXII) $48 on for $39

SE Wunder Under Pintuck (BLK, BLK/OSIS, STCH/SDCS) $78 on for $49

Ultra Crop (BLK, Coal) $78 on for $49

Wunder Groove Crop (COAL/PIG/SDCS) $72 on for $49

Marevelous Merino Armwarmer $32 on for $14

Marvelous Merino Scarf $29 on for $19

Marvelous Merino Legwarmer $34 on for $19

Brisk Run Gloves (Blk, Coal, SENP) $26 on for $19

Everywear Gym Bag (VRVL) $88 on for $49

For the boys. I can’t forget about my male readers :

Formula Jacket $59 on for $29

Letterman Jacket $118 on for $69

Relay Jacket $78 on for $39 

Smash Jacket $108 on for $49

Anywhere Jacket $218 on for $119

Elevation Jacket $199 on for $79

Turnaround Vest $168 on for $89

Venture Jacket $228 on for $129

Fairway Tech SS $68 on for $39

Metal Vent Tech $64 on for $39

Press Tech $64 on for $39/19

Achieve Tech LS and SS $59/$39 on for $19/$29

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