Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Persimmons Swiftly & New Lime & Black Items

by Cristina

I actually really like Persimmons in the Swiftly Material.

Wish Swiftly SS (also comes in LS)

Swiftly Haze

Swiftly Very Violet

I’m loving this Black Scoop Neck Tank. I know, how totally boring of me. I’ve been waiting and waiting for a Scoop Neck Tank to buy but I’ve been wanting one to be all one color so it’s the shape of the tank that stands out  and not so much the color or print because I love the neckline. Wish was nice but this is more versatile. This will be my very first Scoop Neck Tank if I can manage to get my hands on this one. Also, I’m loving the lime, charcoal and black Combo. A few posts down I mention the Cuddle Up is coming in Coal/Lime but I admit when I first heard that I wondered because I hadn’t heard or seen any mention of Lime being introduced.

Scoop Neck in Haze/Coal – Well I like this one too but I prefer the black on I think
Scoop Neck- Poncho Stripe

Haze Scuba

Snorkel Scuba This one is also labeled Haze but it looks quite different from the picture above. I feel that maybe this one is Snorkel and maybe mislabelled? There are Snorkel items coming soon so it wouldn’t surprise me.

Run Speed Shorts (top two pictures) and Groovy Run Shorts. I kinda like this retro print. I’ve been considering getting some shorts for my late night treadmill runs so these may be the ticket.

More Static Persimmon. I hate it but I’m weirdly attracted to it.

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