Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Some Detail Shots Comparing The Inspire Pullover With The Dash Pullover

by Cristina

For those of you without access to a store and wondering which Running Pullover would suit you better here are some comparisons between the Inspire Pullover and the Dash Pullover.

1. The Dash on the left is a size 8 and the Inspire Pullover on the right is a size 10. I find the Dash to be overall bigger then the Inspire and more tall person friendly. I find the sleeve length to be longer in the Dash as well as the body length.

2. Zipper Guards. The Inspire has a ruched collar and a zipper guard all the way down to the bottom and the Dash has a much shorter zipper guard. Also, the Inspire has a finished sewn in collar on the inside where as the Dash Collar is more like the Define Jackets in that it’s unfinished at the bottom creating a pocket. Because of the ruched collar and double layer of fabric on the Inspire it is much warmer around the neck. My neck and chest gets chilled while running in cooler weather so I like the added warmth around the neck.

3. Pocket Comparisons. The Dash has two corners with zipper ends that are not sewn all the way around leaving a bit of a raw edge. For the purpose of running this is bothersome for me (wether I wear this with a tank underneath or as a base layer) but for simple active wear such as playing at the park with my kids or going for walks it’s not an issue. 

The newest Inspire Pullovers (Teal Zeal, Lilac) have the pockets sewn all the way around.

And just as a further comparison of running pullover pockets from the past, this top one is the Run: Like The Wind Pullover. The pocket is sewn in top and bottom with no raw edges exposed.

The Spirit Pullover is sewn top and bottom but also has some diagonal seams on the top right and left side of the pockets. No raw zipper edges.

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