Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Fast In Flight Bag Detail

by Cristina

New in lululemon tote bags and women’s gym bags! The Fast in Flight Tote

A few shots of the purple plaid and wooly Fast in Flight bag. I love lululemon tote bags so much! The lululemon gym bag designers where pretty amazing creating so much clever storage, and all the practical features they always think of.

This was one of the best tote designs for lululemon that worked so well for to-from work. they always include a laptop pocket, with an additional shoe bag. You are lucky if you can score one of these beautiful bags on the retail market. People do not like to give them up!

The Fast in Flight Bag came in many different colors and textures. My top favourite was Ivy, and also the Zap Green in the silky nylon. They also had Oasis in a quilted puffer material, and these lovely wooly winter versions in the plaid.

lululemon fast in flight bag - lululemon gym bag
luluelmon gym bag - black swan - fast in flight bag
luluelmon gym bag - black swan - fast in flight bag

I really like this bag in the black/white/ghost/grey plaid as well. It looks really sharp with her outfit here.

What is your favourite lululemon bag of all time? Have you checked out some of their older styles? Where you a customer when some of these where available? Let us know in the comments!

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