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lululemon Mini Belt Bag vs Everywhere Belt Bag

by Cristina

The lululemon Mini Belt Bag is a slightly smaller version of the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag. Although more compact, it still fits my iPhone, two wallets, and keys. The dimensions for the Everywhere Belt Bag are 7.5” x 2” x 5 “  compared with the Mini Belt Bag  which is 7.1” x 1.6” x 4.1”

lululemon Mini Belt Bag Is priced at $38 CAD. The Everywhere Belt Bag has increased in price from $38 CAD to $44 USD. I first reported the rumours about the price increase in this post

lululemon mini belt bag vs lululemon everywhere belt bag

What fits inside my Mini Belt Bag compared with my Everywhere Belt Bag

The mini belt bag definitely appears more petite compared to the original belt bag. It’s not as wide, or tall, and it’s slightly narrower. The little bag still fits all my essentials though, and features on inner mesh pocket, and one exterior pocket. the Everywhere Bag features two inner mesh pockets, and a zippered outer pocket. As you can see here, that slip pocket fully contains my iPhone. 

mini belt bag lululemon
iPhone 11 is stashed inside the back pocket of the Mini Belt Bag

What didn’t fit, or didn’t fit so well

The mini belt bag perfectly contains my essentials that I travel with everywhere. For example, I can fit my cell phone, my two wallets, and my car keys. Alternatively, I can carry just one wallet, my vitamin case, car keys  keys and phone. My cell phone can fit in the main compartment with very little room to spare, or it fits in the back slip pocket which I prefer. Ideally I can take just my wallet, keys and phone with me in which case it all fits in the main compartment, lots of room to spare. 

The EBB can contain both wallets + my vitamin case, my phone and my keys with a little wiggle room for a chapstick. although it does bulk out the bag profile quite a bit, it can easily be zipped up. 

Because I wear my belt bags for the travel safety benefit, I prefer keeping my phone on the outside of the bag to minimize the amount I am exposing my wallet. Keeping my phone in the main compartment definitely makes for a tighter fit as well, and pulling it out tends to bring other items out with it. 

interior of lululemon mini belt bag and lululemon everywhere belt bag
The interiors are very similar. The EBB has two mesh pockets, and the MBB has one mesh pocket.

Strap length and details

Each end of the MBB strap measures at approximately 20” in length, or 40” when the strap is connected. There is a very long adjustable length on this bag with 3 very handy elastic slider bands on each side to keep the excess strap tidy and streamlined. I can wear this mini bag crossbody across my chest  which is about 34E. Don’t come at me about wearing it crossbody, I’m just sharing the data. The straps on the MBB are also narrower than the EBB. The EBB strap length is 41.7” total length, so just slightly longer. 

So there you have it. I can’t recommend either of these two lululemon bags enough. Especially if you plan to travel anywhere, or if you live in a city which is currently experiencing higher crime rates. 

I have several of these little bags because we all use them in my household for various purposes. We use them Standup Paddleboarding and kayaking. The water resistance is an added bonus for my oldest daughter who her belt bag so she can stash her hearing aids somewhere safe while out on the water. 

We use them dog walking for poop bags or treats. My kids use them when going to the mall with friends or hiking, and for summer camp. If you carry a bear whistle or spray, this is a great place to stash those items. It’s the perfect place to stash feminine products for quick bathroom getaways. 

The function on these little belt bags has been priceless for us and I’m really glad I was able to snag the mini version as well. 

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Cristina August 9, 2022 - 6:14 pm

No I don’t believe so. They truly are selling out. Search volume is up an insane amount on them. They just increased the pricing.


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