Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Dash LS In Static Blue

by Cristina

I LOVE! Awe. SO pretty! Glad I waited for it.

Word on the street is that it’s also going to be available in Static Very Violet. This excites me because the Static Very Violet seems to have the same static luon recipe as the Static Lilac Inspire Pullover (less Polyester fibres?) and so feels different to me and much nicer then any of the other static colors that have been out (Lolo was close). I have fallen surprisingly in love with Very Violet and so will probably be more tempted by that one then I am by this Wish Blue one.

** upon further thinking about it I’ve decided I like this but don’t love it. I prefer it to be the Matte Static Wish like the Power Y and not the Cool Racerback Silky/shiny Static Luon. I also don’t love the ruffle as much in this color. My preference would have been just a plain old LS running luon shirt with no circle mesh, no contrast details and just matte static wish in color.  Just a plain old long sleeve running luon shirt in Static Blue. Oh well. Perhaps in person I will love it more.

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