Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Cool Racerback Fabric Composition

by Cristina

This is the Power Purple Mini Stripe Cool Racerback Tank. It is very, very soft and feels a lot like a thin version of Running Luon. The fabric composition of this one is 67% Nylon, 25% polyester 8%lycra/spandex.

This is the Cool Racerback Tank with the Black Roses Print (My hang tag says Black Roses Print FYI, I have not seen any that say Coal) It feels a lot different than standard Luon Cool Racerbacks as well as the Static Cool Racerback. I think this is because of the composition required in order to print such a delicate pattern on it where crisper lines are needed. You can see in this picture over the bust area where the fabric stretches out a bit that it is slightly sheer on the middle/right side. It’s more noticeable over the black portions of the print. The composition of this Cool Racerback Tank is 94% polyester and 6% Spandex/Lycra. In the end, it doesn’t matter terribly as long as it still has the same wicking and performing properties that we expect in a Cool Racerback, but if your ordering online then you can know not to expect it to feel like regular Luon Cool Racerbacks.

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