Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Mini Try on Report – Hustle Jacket + Inaugural Chai Time Pullover wearing

by Cristina

First of all I have to say that I am in love with the Chai Time Pullover. I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the tags off today to wear to play date. I’ve been a bit worried about potential pilling but I figure if it happens in an excessive amount then I can take it back to my local store for a credit. So far so good as far as pilling goes. I also was a bit concerned that this top would be a little to cool to wear in for winter given that it’s so thin. Not so, I was really very warm in this and was able to wear just the Chai Time Pullover with no underlayer and just my Audrey Jacket over top. It’s a plenty warm winter sweater in a thin knit. If you’ve been considering getting one I think it’s a great buy and well worth the $88 (as long as it doesn’t pill on me).

Hustle Jacket. I quickly tried on the size 8 and at first I thought the arms would be too tight like the Inspire Jacket but once you have it on it’s quite comfortable with no awkward pulling in the shoulders, chest or elbows. For layering purposes I may have gone with the size 10 if I wanted to wear something thicker underneath like a sweatshirt but as as a running jacket you would be unlikely to wear something very thick under it. If you have bigger arms or shoulders and you were ordering online then I would go with the upper size. I really like that the back pleat bustle hit me in a much nicer spot then the Track and Field Jacket and the ruching detail at the upper back along with the chevron reflective strips and curved reflective detailing at the lower back make for a really flattering and feminine shape.  The jacket was also slightly warmer then the Run Inspire Jacket but it was not too much thicker. I think the inner lining was a very thin fleece like material but I’m not certain what it was. I LOVE this jacket, especially in Plum. I’m pretty much running indoors now 90% of the time do to my dislike of our unusually cold winter so I don’t need this jacket this year but I will be surely hunting for this on the Lululemon Exchange Group when I do need a new running jacket.

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