Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Photos: Inspire Pullover, Power Dance Tank, Heart Tank

by Cristina

Run: Inspire Pullover Heathered Lilac. This one sure is pretty but I don’t think I’ll be getting one. Those cotton contrast details and the back pocket really kill it for me. Pictured with the Run: Dash Tights. I like the reflective detail on it but not digging the rest of the pants.
Run: Dash Tights

Power Dance Tank in Coal Space Dye. I hadn’t seen this one before and it’s very pretty.

Heart Tank in Teal Zeal. I tried this one on again today in Plum and I was almost convinced I’d be buying it but both the size 8 & 10 didn’t make me happy. Both sizes had the issue of the bra fabric showing above the tank on the sides. Not sure why it was doing that but no amount of adjustments or sizing up could fix it. Also, the tank made my boobs look bigger (bonus) but also made them look kinda droopy. I think the detailing draws the eye down the breasts and not up at them, as though your boobs had eyebrows I guess. I may break down and get this tank anyways at some point because I really do love it in photographs, I love the plum and I love the straps and sweat heart neckline.

Define Jacket First picture of the Lilac/Space Dye one on the left.

Power Pose Crop/Pants (bellow)

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