Thursday, July 18, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve Musings

by Cristina

Hmm. lot’s of possibilities tomorrow since we have received the new Winter pallet items this past week. I want to see a big huge upload full of surprise items seeing as the last few uploads have been smaller and consisting of warmer weather tanks. I expect we’ll see those new Inspire Pullovers (Static Lilac, Static Plum, Teal Zeal) which are currently available in some US stores. I’m feeling frustrated (in a bad way) that we haven’t seen any of the fleecy, brushed luon (only a little bit), running luon wintery items that we had this time last year (and earlier than this). All of the other athletic stores are full of winter sport items and I’ve been feeling really tempted by other brand fleece sweaters. I need a nice snuggly fleece pullover to wear this weekend to the pumpkin patch and for trick or treating and dog walking. What’s the hold up lulu?? I missed out on the last 3 Fall/Winter Lululemon items because I was pregnant and never really stopped in much during those times. My winter Lululemon wardrobe is sadly lacking. Winter here in Vancouver is supposed to get unseasonably cold this year and I’m feeling rather nervous and unprepared.

Readers, what are you thinking we’ll see tomorrow?

Where’s the fleece?

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