Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Newest Winter Items and Colors

by Cristina

Push Your Limits in Plum and looks like Static Plum straps or Space Dye.  Gorgeous color and almost burgundy or winey. Also available in Lilac and Teal Zeal (look to post bellow in the headbands as I think those colors in the picture are Teal Zeal/satin headband and Lilac/braided headband).
**updating as pictures show up.

Groove Pant featuring the new color palate of Plum, Wish, Teal Zeal, Space Dye Plum.

Groove Shorts in Wish and Static

Lilac & Lilac Space Dye. I used to hate space dye print but this is gorgeous.

Astro Pants. Love this Lilac print and hope to see it in a Cool Racerback tank.

Scoop Neck tank in Teal Zeal Space Dye. Not so much for me.

Oh my…I need to have both of these Strides. Daze Space Dye and Lilac/Coal

*** just found out the Lilac & Coal version and a few other Strides (Black for sure) will be brushed luon. The Lilac may be actually called Haze but I’m not 100% on that just yet and it may be another Stride alltogether. The Coal/Space Dye  will not be brushed luon. Also, these Strides have been updated from the last batch and do not have ribbed luon so should not have problems with the arm stitching coming undone. I’ll still be sure to inspect these when they come out and let you know what I see.

Everywhere Gym Bag in Leather. Wish Blue on far left and Teal Zeal on Right.

Fast in Flight Tote in a more matte finish, Teal Zeal. Puffy quilted nylon.

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