Thursday, April 25, 2024

New Headbands and Hint of Next Colors

by Cristina

Here is an interesting picture showing some new skinny satin headbands with a new Wish colored one and two other blues, perhaps Oasis and Lagoon. The scuttlebutt on facebook is that Space Dye print is back (50 Rep Bra) along with Wish Blue (yippee) a new purple called Plum (Push Your Limits and Scoop Tanks) and some new Strides in Daze and a Wish Blue Everywhere Bag. I wonder if the new Strides have been re sewn to prevent further fraying issues as the last series of Strides have had. I have two of the Strides from that release (Lolo and Static Wave Stripe) and so far I have not had that issue with them but I am keeping a close eye.

The headbands on the bottom of this picture look a lot like the braided luon headbands from the lab from this past summer. I like the pale purple one and I have a feeling that it’s Magic Mani, the new purple that looks like Power Purple.
And a River Rock Define that I don’t think I’ve seen before.

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