Saturday, July 20, 2024

Pinnacle Jacket Detail Pictures

by Cristina

This jacket reminds me a lot of the white coats worn at the Vancouver Winter Olympics by the volunteers that distributed the medals. I haven’t been able to find a shot of that bell shaped jacket yet but I know it was designed by Aritzia and not my imagination. Or is it? I’ll post here if I can find that jacket.

**Found it. Here is the Winter Olympics Coat it reminds me of.

Here is a good shot of the belt buckle on the Pinnacle Jacket. The clasp is the same mechanism as on the newest Travel Pooches which is nice because it’s a quick on off without excess belt material hanging off, but the negative is that you would probably not want to wear this with the buckle undone. As you can see you have a logo on the hardware but also on the shoulders.

Removable hood and logo detail on the shoulder.
Large brimmed hood.

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