Wednesday, June 19, 2024

A Bit On Clever Marketing.

by Cristina

Marketing is the process in which companies create customer interest.

We as consumers are getting very clever about when we’re being marketed to and can easily turn off our minds to what were seeing and hearing if we recognize it as an ad. Were so bombarded by ads and marketing every day all day that companies like the Gap and Lululemon need to find something that reaches through to us amidst all of the unexciting adds we tune out and ignore. When we don’t know that were being marketed to we stop and actually pay attention. Have you noticed a lot of Lululemon in Hollywood lately? that’s not accidental. Actors are basically walking billboards now. Yes, even reality show actors. They don’t pay for the clothing they wear and I doubt that the TV show does either. TV shows aren’t just selling add space during the commercial breaks. The trick to all of this though is that the consumer must not know we are being marketed to, otherwise it’s just not as effective. Personally I really like this type of marketing. It’s exciting and new and it works. Perhaps I’m totally wrong and The Gap did genuinely like the new logo, and Lulu genuinely was just poking fun at The Gap and the movie stars and  costume designers are actually walking in to stores looking for things to buy. I think when a company ‘pokes fun’ at another company through adds they’re actually doing each other a favour. unintentionally most times…but…I haven’t given The Gap much thought at all in many, many years. I also hadn’t heard about the new logo scandal until Lululemon changed their logo as a spoof on Facebook.

So tell me…what do you clever consumers think of all of this buzz? intentional or happy accident?


Project Runway ‘Controversy’


Lululemon logo spoof  on upper left corner

And just because I like him..

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