Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New Photos – Run Dash Pants, Belt It Up Pants, Braided Headband, Coal Pinnacle Jacket

by Cristina

Run Dash Tight The pants just had zero hanger appeal for someone short and short legged like myself. If your tall and lean and can pull off the polocross pants than I think you will like these but the wide band around the waist is too wide for me and the color blocking will only add bulk to my bigger legs. And on another note, check out her wicked nail polish.

Dog Whisperer Pants. Here you can get a better sense of the pocket detailing and how the outer layer can be pulled up.

Belt it out Pants. These do not appeal to me. Something about the strait leg and the seam details at the back thigh but offset to the outside. I think the belt is too small and sits too low for the size of the waistband and the belt loops. I dunno…am I wrong on this one? it just seems to me like the belt loops should have been shorter and maybe have the belt sit higher up.

Braided Headband. I wore my new black one today out and about and also for a run. I found it to be on the looser side and not tight enough to stay in place for vigorous activity because of my thick hair but perfect for wearing it casually as it looks cute on,  and I can wear it without crimping my hair. Usually if I chose to wear a tight hair band it crimps my hair I’m committed to wearing it for the rest of the day. I wore it for my run tonight layered on top of my old thick Satin pirouette headband so that I could have the added reflectivity that is woven in. I need tight hairbands for running because otherwise my hair escapes and drives me crazy, but I like the reflectivity in this hairband so I don’t mind wearing it on top of another one or even using it as a bracelet or hair elastic.

The Coal Pinnacle Jacket. It is probably my favourite one despite the fact that I love the color Ivy. This one actually has some really pretty senorita pink piping detail along the inside. I think it was on the inside of the lapel at the zipper but I’m not positive on the placement.

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