The Audrey paired with the new Merino Wool items.
Arm Warmers, Toques, Leg Warmers and Scarfs

The Sage Twist Pants. Looks like you can adjust the waist in different ways.

Tadasana Pants on a curvy figure (much like mine) I think it can be done. I’m liking it. I really like that it’s a boot cut that can be tucked into your boots. I’ve tried that with my Stills and Grooves and haven’t liked all the bunched and folded fabric.

And the Coal Audrey. I think I’m going for the Coal. Although I really like the Shark Grey I think the Coal will be a bit more sleek and slimming.

  1. I like the Tadasana pants but I hope they don't look that long on me….I think that looks kind of funny and would force you to use the drawstrings at the bottom to cinch them up. Otherwise I'd feel like a short girl in some tall girl's pants.

  2. I think the audrey looks better in coal than shark. I plan to try on the black when it hits my stores but hope to hold off buying until they adjust the price. I like the tadasna pants and look forward to trying them on. I like grooves and I have astros but it's nice to have a variety. Also like the wool lolo scarf.

  3. the audry jacket may seem pricey but not really when long sleeved running luon tops with a quarter zipper down the front fly off of the shelves at $99…

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