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Color Decision

August 30, 2010

I went in to check out the Coal version of the Audrey Jacket because I was almost certain I would like that one better. I was hoping the buttons would contrast in some way like the Shark one does, maybe with gold grommet buttons (the ones on the collar) or even a lighter colored inner lining. The Coal has the same dark gunmetal buttons that the Shark one has and it has a coal inner lining so to me the button detailing didn’t stand out enough nor did the inner lining. This picture is a bit deceiving because the light hits the button in such a way that they pop out but when you see it in person they actually blend in to the rest of the jacket. If you like a more monochromatic look than the Coal is very nice. If you like the accents to show up more than I would go with the Shark.

As far as the price goes ($228) I’ve decided that although I would like it to be the same price as the Everyday Yoga Jacket at $178, it’s not that far off from the Bomber Jacket from last year which was about $198 and I feel quite comfortable with it for a metropolitan style jacket. The SE Scuba Hoodies are $128 and the very basic Effortless Hoodie is $78. If those prices aren’t crazy then I think a weather appropriate dressy jacket at $228 isn’t that ludicrous. I can’t compare it to a down jacket or snowboard jacket because they are very different styles of jackets with different uses. Just depends on your lifestyle and what you intend on using it for. If you live in an area with mild winters than there is no point in spending $300 on a 700 fill down jacket but if your in Saskatoon SK where the windchill can be -50 in January but hardly any rainfall than your better off investing in a down jacket. That being said, if the jackets do go on sale as a price adjustment and not loot i’ll be going in and exchanging it for the price difference.

Check out this lovely Helly Hansen wool coat for $900CAN

Ask Wool Jacket

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